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Bridgeport Catholic Academy 5th Grade Takes Down St. Jerome 6th Grade

CHICAGO, Illinois -- David beat Goliath in the fabled story and that's exactly what happened on Tuesday night (Nov. 19) as the 5th grade Bridgeport Catholic (BCA) boys basketball team defeated the 6th graders from St. Jerome by a final score of 23-19.

Offense was easy to come by early as BCA got out to an 8-3 lead behind quick buckets from Dominic Scalise, Aidan Guisti and Mikey Calderone.

St. Jerome fought back to close the deficit to two (15-13) at the half. That's where the defense really started to tighten up for Bridgeport Catholic.

Going against a near 6-footer is about as tough of a challenge as one can ask a 5th grader, but teamwork made the dreamwork as BCA sent multiple bodies to handle their opponent throughout the contest. The second half saw a flurry of fouls and jump balls as the boys did their best to limit the size advantage they went up against.

Despite the low score, Dominic Scalise found a way to score 10 points to pace BCA in the contest and had the perfect answer for why he was able to get as many buckets as he did.

Dominic Scalise slices through the St. Jerome Defense

"Skill and practice," Scalise said.

RJ Goodwin talked about his all-around performance contributing to the defensive effort.

"2 points I think. 2 or 3 [assists] and 2 [boxouts]," Goodwin said. "I feel like I went against LeBron James."

RJ Goodwin brings the ball up the court.

Most coaches would agree that "defense wins championships" and if there was a singular takeover from this one, it's that the boys aren't afraid to grind out some games.

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