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Anion Sports Fan Appreciation Day Vol. 3

Here we are. Today is the third annual Anion Sports Fan Appreciation Day. It really doesn’t feel like it has been that long, but time flies when you’re having fun. I’m writing this truly grateful for everything that has happened to Anion Sports and I over these past few years. 

Since it is Fan Appreciation Day, I wanted to extend the warmest thank you possible to every person who has shown support for my business. I say business now because if you didn’t know, this year was the year Anion Sports, LLC became an official entity. If you’ve been rocking with the brand since Day 1, you get a super thank you because it’s been a long journey since the laptop YouTube days.

If you’re new, thanks for deciding to spend the time to check out the business. I promise you there’s a whole lot in store in the coming days, months, years, etc. 

I want to give special shoutouts to a few people. These people have really allowed me to shape and mold both myself and my business into what you see today. 

First and foremost, I want to thank my wonderful mom, Camille. At the risk of sounding cliché, I literally wouldn’t be here without you. You lead by example everyday of your life to me. You have shown me how to carry myself with confidence and character that is second to none. You instilled the idea of chasing your passion and told me to never let anyone get in my way. Love you Mom.

I want to thank Nuri Ali and Richard Lewis. It’s not often that you find people that are always looking out for you. Like seriously. These two are the friends that I go to before anyone else when I need advice. Nuri has helped me get my financials in order and you already know who I’m calling come tax season! Richard is the Jerry West of my friend group. If the idea has his stamp of approval, then it’s almost guaranteed to be a success. 

Sly!!!!!! This summer, I decided to take on a project that was the biggest thing I have done in my life. I could NEVER have done the job that I did without your help. From the days when my car was in the shop to the days when I was really going through it, you were always there to text me saying, “Aye bro, same time today?”. The model of consistency when it comes to being a genuinely amazing human being, but an even better brother. 

Rashaan Surles and Grant Anderson: I don’t think you guys understand how much I appreciate your time spent with the Anion Sports business. Both of you have been on multiple pieces of content and hopefully more in the future. But it was one phone call this summer that made the biggest impact. Signing up to work on a project that we have coming soon (no spoilers here, it’s all top secret lol) was something that legitimized my business. The help you two have provided in getting my name out there to local hoopers is priceless and I can’t wait for the world to be introduced to the upcoming project. *once again, top secret!!!!*

Dillon Forestell is the realest individual with no filter I have ever met in my life. And you’ve also opened up many doors for me. Whether that meant internships (I won’t even spend time calling out the PBR fellas lmaooo), coaching opportunities, WiFi that doesn’t move at a snail's pace, food, or drinking with Lituanians that may or may not have tried to put an end to Mr. Anion, you are one of the rare human beings that see things how I do for the most part. Thank you for your steady stream of advice, support and opportunities for me to play my game. 

Laura Hines is a damn superhero. Like for real for real. I originally went to work for Bradley-Bourbonnais High School as a way to finish my degree and the second person I met ended up being my favorite! This woman has listened to ideas, stories, ideas for stories and everything in between. She was the first person to know that I had filed the articles of organization for Anion Sports! A daily source of motivation, thank you for helping me realize that I should never sell myself short of my abilities and my work ethic. 

The last person I want to send a shoutout to is Louis Thompson. So this past year has been filled with a lot of solidifying your photography business and to watch that take off has been nothing short of amazing to see. But I’ll never forget the phone call three years ago. I had just come back from entrepreneurship class and my teacher had just lectured about what it means to go and grab your life and potential business by the horns. So who else would I be calling? You were the one who said without hesitation to start the podcast, to get on YouTube, to network with people. The influential person you are is why you get your own space. Shoutout to Sony Alpha gang, the Big3 gang, driving in a foot and a half of snow for photoshoots gang, people on the street gang lmaooooo. Won’t ever be stopped broski. 

I think it goes without saying that I love what I do and I love the people who support me doing it. But I also want to acknowledge all of the people who still sleep on Anion Sports. I don’t live to prove anything to anyone other than myself, but just know, 2020 I’m going harder than ever before. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t try to ride the wave when it’s too late. Happy Fan Appreciation Day everyone. 

*Today’s schedule of releases is listed below.

  1. Anion Sports Podcast Ep 7: The Rich Paul Rule. 11:00 am.

  2. ACGI v The Runners. 12:00 pm .

  3. Elite v Blueprint. 1:00 pm .

  4. Jabari Parker and Elite v Hard Work. 2:00 pm

  5. Jabari Parker Interview. 2:00pm .

  6. 2019 Matteson Proam Championship Hype Video. 3:30 pm.

  7. 2019 Matteson Proam Championship Game. 3:45 pm.

  8. Anion Sports Podcast Ep 8: Alex Brown. 5:00 pm.

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