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Toronto Raptors Take G1 From the Golden State Warriors (Reaction)

The NBA Finals are underway for 2019!!! This is the first time that a Finals game will be played outside of the United States and I’m here for it. I’m here for all 5 games of it. That’s right, I have GS pulling off the gentleman’s sweep. Toronto has been playing well, but I think the warriors can at least split before Durant returns to make them entirely unstoppable. The plan is to do quarter by quarter reactions so that y’all can see how I’m feeling during the game. Stay tuned!

First Quarter

Interesting move by Steve Kerr to go with Jordan Bell in the starting five since they have Demarcus Cousins back, but I understand not pushing the big fella too far.

At the first media timeout, the game is tied up 9-9 and the Raptors are not exactly discreet about their offensive game plan so far. They have yet to take a shot in the paint and have taken 8 of their 10 shots from behind the three point line. This man Marc Gasol just hesitated a million times before breaking the tie with another three point attempt.

Watching Curry work is simply amazing. I’m still confused by why Klay is taking so many weird shots at the rim, but we can live with it if Curry gets fed off the offensive rebounds. And Klay shut me up by dunking it in transition! But back to Curry, he just had another full white bar miss from the corner but he’s up to 11 points on 3-6 shooting. Warriors chasing 3 with 3:06 left in the first quarter, but Klay hasn’t heated up yet (4 points on 2-8 shooting). I’m about ready for my first video break, but let’s see how both teams finish up this opening period.

Siakam smacked the hell out of that three just now and the Warriors followed it up with a sloppy offensive trip down the court. Really impressive by Toronto for only holding GS below 20 for the majority of this quarter. Steph is really pulling that trey ball tonight. Livingston at the line with 3.4 seconds left. Makes the first and then the second. I’m interested to see what they do once curry is on the bench. End of 1 with Old Town Road playing lmaooooo. RAPTORS 25-21.

Second Quarter

Demarcus Cousins is back to appear in his first NBA Finals and you just love to see it. Let’s see how the Warriors utilize him to help get the offense humming. Jerebko almost made me spit my water out when he air balled but I’m back composed at the Warriors timeout with 9:27 left to play in the quarter. Raptors are maintaining that 5 point lead as GS still doesn’t look quite like themselves yet.

Patrick McCaw checked in and somewhere Richard is smiling. Fred VanVleet is still en fuego but it’s becoming a regular thing so I’ll raise my expectations accordingly. Draymond’s playmaking is one of my favorite parts of the Durantless Warriors as he just threw a damn dime! He does so many things for your team and I get why nobody wants to take him as like a top player, but so much of GS’ success comes from his play on both ends. Warriors might finally be able to at least tie this up as they trail by 2 with 5:38 left. THERE IT IS. Klay drills a three that didn’t even make the net move to take the one point lead.

Warriors with 9 turnovers before half and I already see how this is going to go. Waiting on that third quarter run of death.

Toronto up 7 after a Kawhi Leonard and-1 but then he picks up his third foul on the other end!!! Foul trouble might do a job tonight. Iggy would go careening right into Drake on the sideline. Shout Out the 6ix God, but now Draymond has three fouls. I repeat: Foul trouble might do a job tonight.

I want to say something about the Warriors looking off, but then I just peeped that Kawhi only has 2 FG made. Wow Danny Green just dropped a three in to push the lead to 10 with 2.4 seconds left. I wish I could be there to feel the energy in Toronto right now. Marc Gasol with 14 big points at the half. RAPTORS 59-49.

Third Quarter

Here we go!!! The third quarter is underway.

Warriors are living on the second chances. 16 of em to be exact. I don’t know how long they are going to be able to count on those. Pascal Siakam is killing it right now as he’s up to 20 points on the night. One thing that has been a recurring theme is that someone has to step up for them and especially if Kawhi is struggling. Tonight that’s Pascal.

The Warriors might actually need Durant to come back right now. Andre Iguodala on the perimeter is just brutal. Siakam is shining!! The moment isn’t too bright for the man. He’s up to 26 points and taking it to the Warriors. Still a nine point game with 3:45 left in the quarter.

Just saw a tweet commenting on Kawhi’s health:

Honestly it still amazes me that they’ve gotten this lead without him being the only person scoring. Then he sinks a triple lol. Love it. Warriors up to 14 turnovers and somehow the Raptors are still fouling and sending Curry to the free throw line. Steph is 10-10 and the Warriors are a perfect 21-21.

Patrick McCaw with the loud three on the second to last possession and that ends up being the final scoring play of the third quarter. The run didn’t happen and it’s a Raptors lead still. RAPTORS 88-81.

Fourth Quarter

Warriors finally missed a free throw, but the lead is down to 3 BUT FRED VANVLEET JUST HIT A WILD ASS LAYUP. Aw man this game is something else. Siakam somehow ups the degree of difficulty on the layups and has hit the 30 point mark in his first Finals game ever.

Lowry picks up his fifth foul with 8:11 left in the game. I don’t know if that necessarily hurts Toronto at this very moment. Obviously, Kyle does great things for the Raptors, but the way the role players are playing tonight, they need to keep the hot hands (VanVleet and Danny Green) around Siakam.

100-88 after a Danny Green three and a GS timeout with 7:31 left in the game. I’m about ready to say the Raptors got this one, but there’s enough time to make it interesting. It all depends on the defense the Warriors see for the next seven minutes. Can the Raptors stay locked in?

Kawhi Leonard is freaking amazing. His off game is resulting in 21 points still. The Warriors are getting punked right now. Klay Thompson with the offensive foul and then the tech after tossing the ball into the ref! Raptors hitting some more wild ass shots and I’m starting to feel the energy of the night. Raps have a 98.3% win probability right now with 2 minutes left.

Closing Thoughts

Mannnnnnnn the Raptors balled out tonight and go up 1-0 on the Warriors. Plenty of series left to go, but shout out Drake for talking that talk immediately after the players started walking off the court. Pascal Siakam did his damn thing and was a pristine star next to Kawhi. Will be interesting to see how GS adjusts. RAPTORS 118-109.

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