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Anion Sports Holiday Blog 2018 Day 23

'Twas two nights before Christmas,

Just look at the matchup.

Mahomes is still starting,

No need for a backup.

DeAndre is leaping

And Cohen still rushing.

Straight from the wire,

D. Hen really trucking.

Trev and the Dodd,

Look they're meeting again.

Decide us a winner;

Year 1 at the end.

Yoooooo here we are on Championship Sunday. It all comes down to this one. I hope y'all enjoyed my little poem lmaooo. Before I get into the in-progress matchup, I want to recap a few things from last week.

Being The Elite v The Chosen Ones 🐺

Aye JB got his ass torched last week with a final score of 135.60-60.46. Good job for making it this far Barnes, but Trev lit you up homie.

Shadows In My Room 💔 v The Sleeper

Juwan won his matchup with room to spare, but not as much as Trevor. Finally we get to stop hearing Zach tell us how bad our teams are 😆. Welcome to the couch bro bro. Final Score: 115.72-101.84.

Now to the meat and potatoes. In this, the first year of our league, the #1 and the #2 seeds are meeting for the championship. Congratulations to Juwan and Trevor for making it to the final round, but also for making it there without being upset.

I was able to catch up with Trevor to discuss how he went about game planning on his way to the 🏆.

"My team has been essentially the same core [the] majority of the season," Trevor said. "I'm pretty happy that my team is active and playing today because if anyone was out, I would have had a major issue with replacing them."

Health is a critical component to winning a title and since Trevor has maintained his roster (albeit with some timely additions) he deserves a big shout out for chopping the wood and carrying the water. How did he avoid knee jerk reactions over the course of the season?

"At this point with fantasy, I've become stubborn to the point that a if something works, I shouldn't tinker," Trevor said.

The dominance of the two teams has been on display all season and this last week should be no exception. Both teams are currently on pace to score over 120 points this week. Trevor elaborated on what it means to be facing another primetime team for all the marbles.

"It just shows how consistent and dominant our teams have been the whole season and may the best team win," Trevor said. "Also, f*ck JB."

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