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Anion Sports Holiday Blog 2018 Day 1

Welcome to another year of the Holiday blog! Honestly, it seems like not too long ago, I was writing the first blog post of the holiday season last year. Time flies when you're having fun obviously.

One thing that has changed in the year has been the number of people that I have met. 2017-2018 has been a chance for me to grow and expand the relationships I have in the world of sport. One way I accomplished that was to simply be more outgoing. For the people who know me best, they know that I can be an endless supply of conversation, but that's around the people I am most comfortable with. It took a long time before I was okay to just spark conversation with anybody at any time.

Honestly, this trait was borne out of necessity. Over the course of my college career, I have been forced out of that comfort zone. Early on, opportunities would pass me and I'd be resigned to saying that it just wasn't the opportunity for me. Well, here's some advice for pre-Anion Sports Don: you just let a lot of great things pass you by dude. But by the end of college, I was forced to either settle for subpar preparation for the real world or go create some options.

One thing I credit with helping me exponentially is my ability to learn. I am always looking for new things to get my hands on and work on. So when it came time to pick an internship, I knew that I couldn't settle for the same tactics that I had plagued my college career for the first few years. The best decision I could have ever made was to intern in the Bowling Green State University Athletic Communications department.

This experience taught me much about what my life in sports would consist of and I am forever thankful for the wonderful staff there. All of this leads me to talk about a recent experience I had at BG.

I was in town over the Thanksgiving break and I texted my old boss Jason Knavel, BG's Assistant Athletics Director for Athletic Communications, and wanted to know if I could get a media pass to the last game of the season for the football team. After the pass was secured, all there was left to do was wait for Game Day.

One of my close friends, Eric, was the one that gave me the idea to go since he's been with the team all year for his own internship and I thought of course I'd love to. All semester, I've been around athletics in a situation I'll be addressing later on this month and for me it was business as usual. Equipped with my Sony a6300 and my media pass, I was now embarking on a game of firsts and lasts. This game against Buffalo marked the first college football game I had sideline access for and was also my final BGSU football game as a student. Bittersweet, right?

I'm going to be 💯 with y'all: Buffalo was good as hell. They got up on us with a 21-0 second quarter and that meant the majority of the afternoon was spent watching the clock run out. It wasn't the prettiest afternoon as Buffalo used 332 yards on the ground to control the game. Although it sucked watching them clinch their side of the division on our home turf, congratulations to them for their season to this point and shout out their coach Lance Leipold. Louie should appreciate the love for Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Buffalo Bulls on offense

My day was spent chopping it up with Eric and a few guys from the team. I was able to watch Coach Pelini in all his glorious sideline conversations. I really was able to soak in the experience, regardless of the outcome. It was a true honor to be on that sideline.

Now look, I'm not the best photographer in the world, but I also spent the entire afternoon taking shots of the game. It's sort of become my hobby to enhance the things I'm writing about. This particular Saturday involved dodging so many football players' shoulders you would have thought I was on the field 😂. All jokes aside, I wish them nothing but success going forward and I know they are primed for a nice season next year. Bowling Green is the place I chose to grow and improve and I know that is coming for such a young team full of potential.

Melvin, thanks for the interest you have shown in Anion. The instagram feed is about to be lit just as I promised. There's one picture in particular that came out perfectly. I think you might know the guy in it.

Melvin Jackson III, BGSU DB

Eric, thank you for plugging Anion Sports to the guys. Sometimes, even though I've learned a ton about using my voice, I still fall short of truly selling myself. But it's all about the process. We're all works in progress as I've learned in the past year.

Day One is in the books. If you're new, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the future blog posts. For the returnees, the continued support is loved and appreciated.

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