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ASFF Week 8 Recap

Matchup One: Daniel’s Team v Reach Back Like 13

The losing continues… for one team. Daniel beat Don by a final score of 113.36-102.50 this week. For Daniel, it could have been the other way around, but fortunately, his team was able to cover the necessary amount of points in this matchup.

Led by a trio of players scoring 24+ points, this win brought his record back to .500 on the season. Kirk Cousins was the high scorer with 25.66 pts that was actually a bit low considering the porous New Orleans defense. Alvin Kamara continued to get back on track offensively with the point production (23.10). He didn’t pop off with the yards as he only mustered up 76, but adding seven catches and two touchdowns did the trick.

For Don, the spin the wheel and pick a running back trick has run its course. This week Raheem Mostert and Kenjon Barner combined to get 2.20 fantasy points while Peyton Barber covered the deficit in the matchup on the bench. Luckily, Jared Goff chipped in three touchdowns or this would have been a real ugly turn of events. There’s always next week.

Matchup Two: Cam Newton’s Ears v Cry Me A Rivers

Can there be such a thing as a Louis Thompson L? This week he couldn’t overcome the impact of that Danny’s superstars provide when they are clicking and that resulted in a 117.56-110.76 W for Mr. Crites.

Cam Newton did his thing by leading this team with 31.96 pts against a tougher Baltimore team. Speaking of Baltimore, sometime it be ya own mans that do it to you. Danny started their defense that Cam torched as they finished with -4 fantasy points. Joe Mixon had your back though as he ran for 123 yards and added a score to finish with 27.30 pts. There are no style points in this league so despite seeing two starters score ZERO OR LESS POINTS, Lieutenant Dan walks away victorious.

Louie, Will Fuller’s injury finally showed up. I never wish injury on anybody, but it’s maddeningly frustrating to have stock in the talented WR when it seems like the next one is right around the corner. He did in fact do his job this week (20.90 pts), but when you tear your ACL, that’s usually the last week of your season. Andrew Luck tossed three touchdowns and is once again flashing that ability that made him the #1 overall draft selection in real life. We’re one step closer to finding out if David Johnson is back or just playing peek-a-boo every damn week.

Matchup Three: Shadows in my Room v Bad News Bears

Pro Tip #1: Don’t change your fantasy team name to the only team that sh*ts the bed more than your team. The name change and the picture change couldn’t save Sly this, although it was much closer than we would have thought. Juwan beat Sly 128.62-123.40.

Pro Tip #2: Having your profile picture be literal shadows in your bedroom might be a key to victory, lbvs. While Juwan was gun-slinging, Patty Mahomes got the memo and outperformed his lofty projections by scoring 35.02 fantasy points. With Juice and Juju combining for just over 13 points, Juwan needed it. Christian McCaffrey is a bona fide superstar and its his versatility that was on display this week. Although his yardage totals suffered, he made up for it by finding the end zone twice (once in the air and once by land).

Sly tried his hardest, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. James Conner (35.70 pts) is a freak of production nature and the Steelers only concern going forward should be if they would have the best RB combination ever with him and Bell. Aaron Jones (15.60) was a goldmine find and the only reason sly couldn’t pull off the W was due to a very lackluster day from Kenny Golladay (1.70 pts).

Matchup Four: Being The Elite v Easy Breesy

DAMNNNNNN RICHARD! You got knocked the f*ck out! Let’s get your highlights out of the way: Todd Gurley (30.50) was the only player who got over 10 points for the week. Cool, now we can talk about Trevor’s 154.74-75.20 W.

Anytime someone gets 20 points from the defense, it’s usually a solid week. This week, the Patriots represented one of four total positions that surpassed the mark. Deandre Hopkins (23.20), Mike Evans (26.90) and Adrian Peterson (26.10) decided to put up enough points by themselves to have beaten Richard this week……..

Aaron Rodgers chipped in 17.94 pts and Tarik Cohen continued to be the Bear to own with his 17.50 pts. Maybe the Giants should follow Trevor’s lead and cut the dead weight in Eli Manning.

If there is a silver lining, Trevor doesn’t get any more than one win for beating your ass. That and you were th #1 team lol. But man these matchups between the #1 and #2 teams have a pretty polarizing effect if you peeped.

Matchup Five: Steeler Virginity v Keke Don’t Love Sh*t

ERIC IS ON THE MOTHERF*CKING BOARD. And yes T, we all are so very happy it happened against you lmaooooo. Eric defeated Zach 122.08-117.60 to pick up his first victory of the season.

Big Ben (21.88 pts.) and Antonio Brown (22.40) got the party bussin with two touchdowns versus the Browns. Sammy Watkins (26.70) added two more scores and Latavius Murray was what we all expect David Johnson to be. Who knows if he can keep this up going forward, but for one week, Eric is a winner!

Despite falling to a previously winless team, T managed the bye weeks as best as he could. Since the Atlanta Falcons comprise the majority of his usual point producing lineup not named Saquon Barkely (15.60 pts this week), a close match isn’t the end of the world. Julian Edelman (16.20 pts) was a part of that group of Patriots that sorely could have used a Tom Brady touchdown, but such is life. Expect a bounce back effort after T hits the trade market for the second time this season.

Matchup Six: Justin Murphy’s Team v B*tch I Might Be

Justin won this round against Justin 137.86-103.96. Little do y’all know, I secretly bet $1,000 on Justin to win this week. *taps self on back*

The tempo was set this week on Thursday as Deshaun Watson blew past his projections and got 40.96 fantasy points off the strength of 5 passing touchdowns. Murph benefitted from having Adam Thielen (19.30) go over the 100 yard threshold AGAIN and Marvin Jones snagging 2 touchdowns in addition to his 117 yards. Either laziness or the bye week hit him hard as he didn’t bother finding a replacement for Sony Michel, but the funny thing is, it didn’t matter much!

Barnes could have used some of that running back production at the WR spot, but hey after trying to trade everybody Emmanuel Sanders this week, he responded with a robust SEVEN points. Nice try big fella. Tom Brady (13.76) might not want to throw a touchdown ever again with the way they dominate when he doesn’t. But maybe Buffalo had something to do with that.


“Trust the process. It’s Comeback SZN and I mean it.” -- Don on his playoff prospects.

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