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ASFF Week 6 Recap

Matchup One: B*tch I Might Be v Reach Back Like 13

Tough week. Depending on who you ask. After Don trashed talked Barnes, he couldn’t back it up, losing 111.20-98.54. For JB, Zeke (18.80 pts) led the early going as the two teams went back and forth leading up to the Patriots game at the end of Sunday. Jared Goff conceded his fantasy day (8.44 pts) to the excellence of Todd Gurley. Melvin Gordon (34 pts) continues to carry the load for both running back spots on the team.

Despite trailing by 3 points, Barnes had Tom Brady and Julian Edelman for New England and Don had Stephen Gostkowski and Alfred Morris for Monday. No one could have seen the game only being separated by 12.66 points after the Sunday night game, but that’s exactly what it was after Don’s kicker scored 22 points to Tom and Julian’s 37.9. That meant it all came down to Alfred on Monday.

AND HE WAS ASS! He wasn’t the sole reason this game was decided this way, but he wasn’t even a real player this week.

“I chose to believe in Alfred,” Don said. “Thinking he had the starting job with Breida hurt, I was fooled. Wasted opportunity honestly and that’s why we brought in three new backs this week.”

Every man’s trash is another’s treasure though as Justin was able to pick up a crucial victory.

“(Laughs) Good game! Well this week was a big week because I could not go 1-5,” Barnes said. “I would basically be kicked out of playoff contention so it was a BIG win given I lost last week by 5 points. This week is extra big because it’s a division matchup.”

Matchup Two: Cry Me A Rivers v Daniel’s Team

The slide continues for Daniel as he dropped a game against Louie by a final score of 124.74-115.12. After this week’s win, Louie finds himself leapfrogging a bunch of teams into the 5th spot.

Lou’s team has been playing well of late, but this week, Luck had a huge part in this win. Andrew of course. His 301 pass yards and 4 touchdowns overshadowed his 3 interceptions and were good for 33.74 fantasy points this week. That performance was indicative of the position a lot of real life teams find themselves in. His performance was the difference between a win or a loss. Not to say that there were other contributions. Robert Woods (15.60 pts) took damn near half of Jared Goff’s pass yards this week and Doug Baldwin looked more like himself this week (12.10 pts).

Daniel got bit by the bye week this week. Not having Alvin Kamara or Chris Thompson meant that the 72 points Kirk Cousins, Devante Adams and Tyler Boyd combined for was just short of enough due to the production from the RB. After a strong start, Daniel looks to avoid slipping below .500 this week.

Matchup Three: Cam Newton’s Ears v Shadows in my Room

Life comes at you fast. Juwan finally has seen some of them shadows as he slips to .500 and ninth place after Danny beat him in a close one, 117.90-111.18.

Mahomes got back on track after a down week for his standards. This week he gave his all in New England, rolling up 352 pass yards to go along with 4 touchdowns en route to 36.98 fantasy points. The running backs fell back down to earth after prolonged success out of them and saw the highest point total be James White’s 11.70.

Danny had a weird win. Matter of fact, I think everything involving his results are weird. Cam Newton had his good day (28.30) and the Baltimore defense had ELEVEN sacks! But on the flip side, he had Quincy Enunwa score negative points (-0.60 pts), yet still pulled out a 6 point W. What is it like to have a person you thought was that smooth waiver add do worse than nothing?

“I was kind of hurt,” Danny said. “I had picked him up from the waivers because I knew Darnold likes throwing to him and I just needed a solid 10. I feel like if the injury didn’t happen he might have been able to give me 10, but injuries are part of the game and I took a gamble on him and it almost cost me a win.”

Matchup Four: Easy Breesy v Sly’s Team

Rico lost the team leader, but couldn’t lose the matchup. Blake Bortles (13.16 pts) tried his hardest to lose this one for Richard, but he pulled out the W by a final score of 124.86-95.98.

Richard got the aforementioned bad day from his QB, but was able to overcome it thanks big days out of Tyreek Hill (35.70 pts) and Todd Gurley (35.50 pts). Gurley was particularly impressive with a 208 yard game and adding 2 touchdowns.

Sly realistically is catching some horrible breaks on his season. Amari Cooper finished with zero points after getting knocked out of the game with a rib injury. Despite a promising week from Russell Wilson (27.88) and Jon Conner again (26.90), Sly falls again. Surely he has to be preparing for a comeback?

“I plan on getting back of the playoff picture on week at a time,” Sly said. “The return of my first round pick should be intriguing. I plan on taking risks on the wire and going for the booms rather than just for the okay players. One week at a time.”

Matchup Five: Being The (Eli)te v Keke Don’t Love Sh*t

T!!!! He’s at it again after beating Trevor by a final score of 149.79-119.50.

The matchup was declared over by T when he went up big on Thursday night. Alshon Jeffery (23.40 pts) and Saquon Barkely (33.40) provided all that was needed to make that claim. Matt Ryan having a big day (33.50) meant T’s team was clicking on all cylinders this week. Even the kicker got some as Harrison Butker dropped 18.

Zach is never one short on comments, particularly after a W.

"It was over as soon as it started. Saquon and Alshon had started off the week right for me.... I would trade Jordan Howard for a Snickers bar, especially since those are advertised to make you feel better. Needing those after his past performances. My opponent’s team won't get too far if he is depending on two washed up running backs & three defenses on his roster. He should get his money back or just stop wasting my time because it was straight child's play this week."

Matchup Six: Justin Murphy’s Team v Steeler Virginity

Justin walked away with an easy victory, winning 128.18-91.22, but the real story is Eric losing again. His record has dropped to 0-6 and with no end in sight of the difficult schedule, what’s his plan going forward?

“There is no game plan I’m focusing on school and if I have time for fantasy I worry about it. Not trying to come as a dick just got important shot to worry about plus most of my games have been close.”

Although the league will gladly take the wins, we’re going to need to see some more competitiveness out of the bottom of the league. Or else…

Congratulations to you Murphy for pulling yourself out of the cellar.


“F*ck that n*gga too. Would of traded that n*gga for Derrick Rose in fantasy basketball and a pack of condoms.” --Sly on what Le’veon Bell has provided so far this season.

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