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ASFF Week 4 Recap

Matchup One: Reach Back Like 13 v Shadows In My Room

“Shout out my boy Jared Goff,” Don said. “I know these recaps normally start off with details of the matchup first, but that boy played his ass off this last week. In an unstoppable offense, he looks exactly that. I thought about using this time to sh*t talk and come at Juwan, but that man’s team is a force in its own right and I respect Pat and nem. But it feels good to be the league leading point scorer through a month.”

Don beat Juwan by a final score of 171.20-98.66. For Don, the tone was set a week ago when Jared Goff threw 5 TD passes to go along with 465 passing yards and helped him jump out to a 76 point lead. The naysayers will doubt a QB until the cows come home, but I know what I see and I see a player who is going to continue to put up a ton of points. But just like real life, this was a team effort. Melvin Gordon was still that guy, rolling up 159 total yards and a score en route to 27.40 points. Golden Tate was the other key contributor, picking up Odell’s slack by scoring 29.20 points against Dallas.

Juwan happened to fall short after three weeks of superb play and joined the land of the defeated. Mahomes was good, but not great in terms of fantasy this week (although he put on a fantastic performance on Monday). I guess falling short of 28 projected points isn’t awful, but who would’ve thought Juwan would be on the losing side of a QB shootout? Not having Run CMC this week could have potentially cost him a game against somebody else, but not against nearly 200 points.

Matchup Two: Daniel’s Team v Keke don’t love sh*t

If you talk junk, better back it up. T came into this matchup and was definitely talking like he’d already won and Daniel’s team pumped the brakes real quick. Daniel beat Zach by a final score of 153.38-119.06.

Daniel was led by another strong week from Alvin Kamara who ran for three touchdowns in addition to his 181 yards from scrimmage. Watching Kirk Cousins duel with Goff was the most entertaining TNF game ever and he responded with his own 400 yard game and three touchdown passes that came out to 37.68 fantasy points. Add in a strong 20.70 points from Sterling Shepard and you had another undefeated team fall.

“I agree with what my opponent said. Predictions aren’t always right. I was only ‘predicted’ 115. However, I put up 153 on him. At the end of the day, all I can do is put my best players in and hope for good production. Of course it helps that I had some players play exceptionally, but at the end of that day, that’s the game. I let my team talk for me.” -- Daniel on beating projections and T.

T got a strong week from Matt Ryan, who finished with 419 pass yards and three touchdowns (35.26 pts) but no one else on the team scored over 20. 119 points is a solid day, but the room for more is always there. Jordan Howard, wya big dog?

Matchup Three: Cry Me A Rivers v Easy Breesy

The last of the trio of giants fell, also. Louie beat Rico by a final score of 121.30-92.48. Lou was able to get a balanced effort out his team as all but two players scored double digits. Philip Rivers led the way with his 3 TD’s and 28.70 points on the week. David Johnson finally beat his projections, albeit only by one point (16.70 pts). This week apparently wasn’t a surprise to Lou.

“I feel like we did our job. We are the best team even if our record doesn't say it, so I'm not surprised and I'm happy we knocked down one more guy in our way,” Louie said.

Rico got pedestrian performances out of his entire team with the exception of Todd Gurley (23.60 pts), Trey Burton (15.60 pts) and Will Lutz (16 pts). Watching Drew Brees score single digits (8.58) points was as frustrating to type as it was to hear Richard talk about it.

“It was a rough week I’ll be the first to admit that,” Richard said. “But seeing that there are no more undefeated teams and I only dropped one in standings, I’ll take this one on the chin.”

Matchup Four: Justin Murphy’s Team v Cam Newton’s Ears

Jesus, it was blowouts for everybody in this mf. Justin lived up to his confidence displayed last week after curb stomping Danny 163.10-103.90. Deshaun Watson was fantasy excellence this week after throwing 375 yards and accounting for 3 total touchdowns (36.10 pts). Julio Jones is going to be a problem the week he decides he’s not allergic to the endzone. His 21.80 points all came from his 173 yards. ANDDDD he didn’t even need double digit catches to do it. As a matter of fact, Justin had nearly every position player go over 100 total yards, minus Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones. This team gets scarier and scarier every week.

Unfortunately for Danny, he was on the wrong side of things this week. Without Cam Newton, he got next to nothing from Case Keenum (8.80 pts) and Drew Brees’ down week led to a poor day from Michael Thomas (47 yards on four catches). AJ Green and Gio Bernard had good efforts for Danny, combining for 39 points, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the second highest score this week.

Matchup Five: B*tch I Might Be v Sly’s Team

DAMMIT SLY. Of all people who would have the craziness to start Mitch Trubisky, it’s YOU. Oh jesus and Amari Cooper too??? They combined for 78.26 points on the BENCH. In a game where Sly lost 114.98-85.28, this was all about the missed opportunities. I don’t even want to talk about you anymore because you had it.

Credit to Barnes though for calling his shot and this hitting it. He has a while to go before we either call him a genius or ridicule him to pieces, but for a week, he was like Einstein. Picking up and starting Andy Dalton over Tom Brady takes balls and it worked. Dalton went for 31.78 points after throwing three touchdowns. The WR left a lot to be desired, but Ezekiel Elliott turned into one on Sunday after he picked up 88 yards in the air in addition to his 152 on the ground (32 pts).

“It’s the right step in the comeback tour.. just have to take it a week at a time. Soon the league will be woke.” -- Barnes on his W

Can he keep up his guarantees going forward? He seems to think so.

“It’s not like I decided [the] week after my W,” Barnes said. “I decided before the draft and greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Now you’re about to see Tom Brady and Julian Edelman do their thing, and see Zeke Elliot (the number 1 pick in the draft and NFL leading rusher) dominate along with my role players. Welcome to the show.”

Matchup Six: Being The (Eli)te v Steeler Virginity

Trevor beat Eric 122.02-92.12 in a game that saw Eric lose his fourth straight game.

Trevor was able to use a balanced attack to beat pull away from this one. Aaron Rodgers fell short of his projections against a Buffalo team that has been circled as a HUGE matchup to put your players against all season. Luckily for Trev, Deandre Hopkins (27.90 pts) feasted against the Colts and Marshawn Lynch (17.20 pts) turned back the clock to lead the team in scoring.

For Eric, he eventually has to pick up a W, right? With Carson Wentz (24.72) back and doing his thing, Antonio Brown (14.70 pts) putting in his brand of work, it’s only a matter of time right? Stay tuned.

Game of the Week

This week we have a big matchup. Not only is the divisional matchup key, but we have a showdown between the top two teams in the league: Daniel and Richard. Both teams have 3 wins and only a single loss. Daniel has been the better scoring team so far, outscoring Richard 526.08-496.80 through the first four weeks. Nonethless, I decided to check in on their mindset going into this week.

“To be honest I am a little worried. He has a stacked team and he is in my division. The pressure is on. I’m not to stoked on my matchups this week either in regards to the teams my players are playing. But, it’s still early in the season and I will put who I believe are my best players for this week and let them do work.” -- Daniel on his prospects going into Week 5.

“I feel good going into this week, Daniel has got some real good players on his team and is the new #1, but hopefully when it’s all said and done I come out with the W🤙🏾.” -- Richard on Week 5.

Good luck to both of you this week.


“Eric, you can’t have that first win against me homie. I need this one just a little more than you.” --Don Collins

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