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ASFF Week 3 Recap

Matchup One: Reach Back Like 13 v Keke don’t love sh*t

This week’s Matchup for T saw him once again have a dominant day at the office as he picked up a 139.06-119.16 win over Don. The star of the show in this one was WR Calvin Ridley. His 37 fantasy point led the team. I know Matt Ryan had 50 but let’s be serious, it was Calvin catching the damn passes. The rookie wideout went nuts as he accumulated 146 yards and 3 touchdowns.

As one of the last remaining undefeated teams, T has defied expectations so far.

“Projections are straight bullsh*t. I have been projected to lose every week and I am undefeated and that's the way I plan to keep it after I take care of Daniel's team.” — T on his win.

For Don, he falls short again despite another solid day from his QB. Goff led the team with 32.56 points. Odell Beckham had his yards again (109 yards on 9 catches) but still no end zone yet. Hopefully his RB2 spot can be filled with meaningful production because getting 1 rush yard from Latavius Murray just wasn’t it this week big fella.

Matchup Two: Being the (Eli)te v Daniel’s Team

Trevor changed the name this week, but he got back in the win column with his 111.50-81.14 upset over Daniel. Despite falling short of his projections, Trevor got enough from the combination of Mike Evans (22.70 pts)and Aaron Rodgers (23.90 pts) to pull out the upset.

Daniel got his usual excellence from Alvin Kamara who put up 26.50 points despite getting vultured by his QB. That’s pretty much a wrap on the scoring for him. Something he saw coming apparently.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect to win anyway,” Daniel said. “I took some gambles in my lineup hoping to come out winning, but that wasn’t the case. Having my bench score what they did has two upsides. It showed me what those players can do and it shows how important picking the right players is [for] each week. Something that will play a big role for my team the rest of the year I believe.”

Falling from the ranks of the undefeated sucks, but he has a chance to knock one off their pedestal in his showdown with T.

Matchup Three: Cry Me A Rivers v Steeler Virginity

This matchup also featured an upset. Louie defeated Eric 117.64-97.10 despite being a 10 point underdog going into the matchup. After weeks of subpar play from the WR spot, Lou seemingly figured it out this week. Robert Woods was the star of the show this week as he led the team with 28.70 points as a part of a group that combined for 57.6 points.

Has Father Time caught up with Larry Fitzgerald? Don’t bank on it, but this week’s dud of a game does nothing for Eric now. The return of Carson Wentz was a welcome sight, but Eric really could have used the 31.02 points from Ben Roethlisberger. A quarterback controversy is always tough, but in fantasy, it’s a real b*tch. We’ll see what he does this week.

Matchup Four: Cam Newton’s Ears v Sylvester’s Team

Danny rebounded nicely from his heartbreaking loss to Daniel last week with a 113.20-97.68 win over Sly. Cam Newton lived up to his namesake by producing 33.60 points this week. Although the yards weren’t there, he accounted for all of the touchdowns scored against the Bengals. Ready for the absurd stat of the week? Michael Thomas has caught 95% of his pass so far this season (38 out of 40) for 398 yards. I’d trust him with my life.

Michael Thomas. Safest hands in the world

For Sly, he should’ve probably invested some more money into his team this week. He’s currently on a 2 game losing streak when he doesn’t bet on his fantasy team. Jon Conner did his worst Le’veon Bell impression this week and Kenny Golladay outscoring the combination of Allen Robinson and Desean Jackson is not usually a recipe for success. And it seems Russell Wilson’s days of bailing both the Seahawks AND fantasy owners out is gone. Shout out to the Bears defense though, they have the league on notice.

Matchup Five: Easy Breesy v Justin Murphy’s Team

Justin caught Rico on the wrong week. Most of the time, Drew Brees doesn’t belong having the same amount of rushing touchdowns as Kareem Hunt, but that’s exactly what happened with Murph losing 141.24-120.90. Murphy got a strong performance all around. Deshaun Watson had a good day fantasy wise, finishing at a crisp and round 30 points. The WR showed up. Julio had 12.10 pts during Calvin Ridley Day, but got picked up by Thielen (17.50) and Marvin Jones (14.90).

Starting a real-life backup RB as your RB2 is definitely a boom or bust proposition and it was solid this week and he knows it.

“It’s still early, I got time to fix it,” Murphy said about his team facing an 0-3 hole.

Rico on the other hand had less balance with his attack this week. The heavy lifting came from the duo of Todd Gurley and Drew Brees as the two combined for 68.64 pts. Brees was simply flawless and he made Richard’s life easy haha.

Anytime you have your QB net 5 total touchdowns while throwing for 396 yards it’s going to be a great day.

“Drew has to be the MVP for me this past week. Three passing TDs is pretty standard for him but when the man gets 2 rushing TDs too you know it’s going to be a good week. I’m hoping he can keep putting these type of numbers up for the remainder of the season.” -- Rico on who he has as his most valuable player this week.

With this win, Richard also moves into first place in the league. He sounds almost prophetic now with his statement from last week holding a ton of weight. But now that he’s first, he goes from lining up a target in the crosshairs to being the one targeted.

“It feels great being #1 in the league, but now it’s about consistency,” Richard said. “Everyone is coming for me, but we can’t worry about them. As long as my team keeps performing the way they have been, I’m confident in my ability to stay undefeated.”

Matchup Six: Shadows in My Room v B*tch I Might Be

Boaaaaa JB bring that ass here boi. Talking all that talk and now you 0-3 after getting throttled by Juwan 133.86-93.84 this week. All jokes aside though, good job for being the one to finally take the bait and pickup FitzMagic. He didn’t let you down this week. But Keenan Allen did, Evan Engram did, Enunwa did, McManus did and Minnesota sh*t themselves. Dawg, you gotta score 100 points to be competitive. At least you have a plan though.


Now that we got that stain out of the way, let’s talk about the Shadows in the room. Christian McCaffrey should have broken some records the way that boy was running. Accumulating 20.40 pts without a touchdown tells you what the hell was going on. Juice and Juju were almost twins this week from the WR spot, scoring 16.10 and 16.30 respectively.

But we all know who the captain of this ship is. That’s Pat Mahomes. So I caught up with Juwan to see how he feels about having a budding star QB.

“Having Mahomes means a lot at the moment but I know soon NFL teams will figure him out, but we will ride this tua wheels fall off 🕺🏾 roll tide,” Juwan said.

This becomes even more important with the injury to QB Jimmy Garropolo. With so much pressure on Juwan’s main dude to deliver, he must have worries about potentially watching Mahomes regress, right?

“Absolutely worried, so i weighed my options and picked up Baker Mayfield and I’ll keep an eye on him the next few weeks. It’s sometimes a wildcard with rookie QBs but [especially] a Browns rookie QB.” -- Juwan.

But for now, the GM of this team can sit back and watch the fruits of his drafting labor pay off with all this star power.

“I believe in my team man. I have a lot of stars, some of which like Leonard Fournette, who didn’t even have to play for me to blow out JB so u know we are plenty talented. Let’s keep this up.”


“I got a projection for you.... My team by a billion." -- T on facing Daniel this week.

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