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ASFF Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Recap

Patrick Mahomes

Matchup One: Reach Back Like 13 v Justin Murphy’s Team

Don defeated Justin by a final score of 131.06-111. Melvin Gordon might as well be a superhero with the way he’s been playing and the load he’s been shouldering. His 27.60 points led the team and he missed a chunk of the fourth quarter with a minor injury. The combination of Jared Goff and Brandin Cooks is beginning to take off. Goff threw 159 of his 354 passing yards to Cooks. This performance between the two was almost necessary considering the lack of production from Odell Beckham due to the Giants horrendous O-line play.

Justin put up a really great game until the end. Deshaun Watson finished just shy of the 30 point mark in a nice bounce back week for the second year player. Adam Thielen was on the receiving end of a play that I still don’t know how the pass wasn’t picked off as a part of a monster day for the WR. He reeled in 12 catches for 131 yards and a TD. Had Julio Jones’s day marched one of his normal outputs, this matchup could have easily been a Murphy W.

“It feels great to get in the win column. Last week we finished just short of that so to see that W next to my name means I’m trending in the right direction.” — Don on his win this week.

Matchup Two: Daniel’s Team v Cam Newton’s Ears

A classic Danny and Daniel matchup saw Daniel squeak away with a 140.50-134.90 win. How close was it? Take a look. If Royce gets over the goal line, Danny walks away with .40 victory. But that’s not what happened. Daniel was led by Kirk Cousins who strapped the team to his back with his 42.50 points. In a week that saw Alvin Kamara come back down to earth, Daniel enjoyed a steady stream of production from his skill position players. Almost every one of his starters scored 10+ points to give him the W. The one guy who didn’t? Jay Ajayi fought through a back injury and came back to get a touchdown that proved to be a difference maker.

Danny started off the week with a HUGE night from AJ Green. His 3 early touchdowns was a lead that should have been insurmountable. Michael Thomas did his thing for the second consecutive week (24.90 points) and Cam Newton even enjoyed a major resurgent performance with his 34.60 points. In the end though, Daniel won a close game against Crites again. The silver lining: it wasn’t like the previous times they’ve squared off in leagues. Daniel was on a 3-game winning streak, but had won by less than half a point in each game prior.

Matchup Three: Sylvester’s Team v Cry Me A Rivers

Is there such a thing as a trap game in fantasy football? This week saw Sly and Louie squaring off with a little extra on the line. Thompson was confident in his team and placed a wager that he’d beat Sly this week. Not only did Sly pick up the W by a final score of 131.33-97.74, he picked up an extra $20 on the game. Lou slips into last place and couldn’t even cover the moral victory after getting his ass handed to him.

Sly went into Monday night trailing by 10 points. Luckily for him, he had Russell Wilson, Allen Robinson and the Bears defense. He got a combined 50.04 points out of them while Louie got 6.40 out of Brandon Marshall. After getting low expectations out of the league, Sly put to rest for a week those doubts. And he’s definitely aware of it.

“Opinions do not matter. There is no noise. After the draft is done, it’s done. When you are in a fantasy league, you have to realize that things change each and every week. The player you just drafted could injure his knee in a photo shoot and get traded from a mediocre team to a prestigious one. To put it simply, I do not care what others may think about who I draft but it’s all about adapting. There is no noise.” — Sly on how does he block out the noise surrounding his team.

Louie slips into last place with this performance. Philip Rivers and Travis Kelce did their part, combing for 55.14 points, but the rest of the roster just fell flat.

Game Notes

Kenny Golladay, part of the previously thought of joke, outscored both of Louie’s starting WR by himself.

Matchup Four: Shadows in My Room v Hey Darnold!

Patrick Mahomes had a Herculean effort in this mf. He put in work leading this squad with his 50.84 Fantasy points. The second year player tossed 6 touchdowns to go with 326 yards as Juwan picked up the win over Trevor 146.84-107.24. Mahomes was simply phenomenal and has been record setting through his first two games this year. It’s tough to overcome this AND solid contributions from the rest of the roster. Juju Smith-Schuster reeled in 13 catches for 121 yards and a touchdown while Christian McCaffrey decided he doesn’t play RB anymore with his 14 catches and 102 yards.

Trevor had the task of the year so far in trying to take down this QB. Injuries derailed the opportunity to see a closer game. Aaron Rodgers knee certainly played a factor in limiting him to just 18.04 points. Losing Greg Zuerlein to a rarer kicker injury combined with lackluster performances from Adrian Peterson and the Denver defense spelled the end of the day despite solid contributions from the other skill positions. But even on a good day, it might not have mattered.

“The realization that I lost another week in fantasy due to a quarterback throwing 6 or more touchdowns [makes me wonder] why me?” — Trevor on seeing Mahomes go off.

Matchup Five: Keke don’t love sh*t v B*tch I Might Be

Ahhh the sh*t talk matchup. All week these two went back and forth and honestly, that was the most entertaining part of the week. T beat JB 128.38-102.16. Zach has had the most polarizing two weeks from his QB’s. Just last week saw the Matts (Stafford and Ryan) look like they belonged on the wire. This week, Stafford was the starter and put in 347 yards with 3 TD. Stefon Diggs has a great day with 9 catches, 128 yards and 2 touchdowns. The matchup could’ve been much worse had the Bears not tweaked and rendered Jordan Howard invisible on Monday night. But it didn’t matter and T knows it.

“Here's how I feel: If you're going to talk that much sh*t, you better back it up. For his team to barely crack 100 points in a PPR league and to be one of the three teams that's 0-2, he should probably just shutup and take some notes,” T said after his victory.

Most of Sunday saw Barnes below expectations, a fitting description considering only one player on his starting lineup met their projections. When the tables turned and settled, Barnes was looking at the very outcome he was making fun of T for last week.

“Like I said, you better score 100 points this time to keep up, I’m not that other weak ass team you faced last week 😉” — Justin Barnes (oh yeah we got the receipts dawg).

Matchup Six: Easy Breesy v Steeler Virginity

This week’s final matchup saw a late comeback victory. Rico defeated Eric by a final score of 110.42-105.40. Almost everyone for Richard’s team came back down to earth. Drew Brees was stifled for much of the afternoon by a Cleveland defense that looked again like a budding problem for the league. Tyreek Hill didn’t explode for nearly 40 this week. So what was the saving grace? Todd. Gurley. The bruising back may have been short on yardage with only 73 yards from scrimmage on the day, but he found paydirt 3 times on the day. Cramping potentially robbed him of more as he sat out of the entire 4th quarter. His 30.80 points still led Rico’s team this week and was necessary since the RB crew took a hit this week.

“Devonta [Freeman] being out definitely was a big hit to my team especially this early in the year, but we had to move on and go with the next man up. Being down big going into the late afternoon games was nerve-wracking but shout out the ToddFather for coming through with another big day. We’re going to keep on fighting and hopefully we can stay on track until Devonta comes back 🤙🏾.” — Rico on his running backs.

Eric almost had it. He enjoyed a great game out of Ben Roethlisberger (44.98 points) and would’ve had the waiver wire add of the week if he would’ve won (Corey Clement, 17 points). But in the end, Richard clinched the win with a walk off touchdown by Trey Burton in the Monday night game maintaining his spot at #2 in the division and the league.

“I definitely wouldn’t mind being #2, but you can’t get too complacent. A close friend of mine has this saying, ‘the only place to go is Up’ [and] I’m gunning for that top spot so being two right now is a good place to start.” — Rico on what it means being able to maintain his positioning in the standings.


“That top spot is in my crosshairs, just have to wait for the time to take the killshot.” —Richard Lewis.

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