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ASFF Week 1 Recap

Matchup One: Cam Newton’s Ears v Reach Back Like 13

Danny defeated Don by a final score of 127.34-116.32. The clear star of this matchup was Michael Thomas. In a week where Ryan Fitzpatrick decided he wanted to go ape sh*t, the Saints had to throw more to keep up. In a half PPR fantasy league Thomas was an absolute stud for Danny and his 30 points were almost triple the amount of points Don received from Duke Johnson, Zach Ertz and Jimmy Graham. Eli Manning cost Odell two touchdowns by looking more ass than a Nicki Minaj music video even though OBJ was getting loose on the Jags defense. In a matchup with slight trash talk, Danny takes round one.

Danny on drafting Michael Thomas, “Drew Brees seems to never decline and they have such a pass heavy offense, he is a big target and I knew he was going to get fed.”

Matchup Two: Daniel’s Team v Sly’s Team

Sly defied his projections. Going into his matchup with Daniel, he was expected to get blown out. While that happened, he managed to live past his expected point output due to a surprise in scoring from James Conner. Replacing Le’veon Bell is never going to happen, but having Connor go for 135 rushing yards, 2 TD and catching 5 passes is a recipe for success.

Daniel’s team was the story of this matchup. Having a trio RB combine for 78 points typically ends well for a fantasy football team. Alvin Kamara was the star of the show and if he continues to produce as he did in week one, this team will be formidable for certain.

On if he saw this scoring outburst coming, “To be honest I did not. While my draft grade was lower than expected, I still had confidence in my team. I was expecting to win, but not with the amount of points I did. Alvin Kamara exceeded what I was anticipating from him while Dion Lewis proved to be worth his value in the flex. To add to that though, I had a player on the bench in Chris Thompson who put up large numbers and I could have actually had even more points if I would have started him over Dion Lewis.”

Matchup Three: Hey Darnold! v Cry Me A Rivers

Trevor won 130.64- 76.76. This matchup featured teams that on paper should be closer in competitive levels. Louie surprisingly benched Philip Rivers and started Andrew Luck. The QB did not have a bad game, but coming off a long layover due to injury, the decision to leave Rivers on the bench left points there as well. Lou’s WR core took a big hit with Doug Baldwin sidelined with another knee injury. Add in the previously injured Will Fuller and a new injury to Marquise Goodwin left no options that would have closed the massive gap in points.

Trevor had his own issues with QB health, but Aaron Rodgers’ gutsy performance netted Trev 30 points. Mike Evans was the main WR who went crazy in a shootout in New Orleans. One of the more shocking draft picks to the other league members paid off big time with Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein picking up 17 fantasy points.

Matchup Four: Keke don’t love Sh*t v Justin Murphy’s Team

This game was a lower scoring affair, as both teams fell substantially below their point projections. Zach was able to win by three points despite having Calvin Ridley score zero points. Honestly looking at it, Saquon Barkely saved the day with his massive 68-yard touchdown against Jacksonville. Matt clearly isn’t the answer so far for T and that’s crazy because he has two of them. Both Stafford and Ryan were booty cheeks.

Justin had a lackluster day from Deshaun Watson. Only able to accumulate 176 yards in the air is not something that I would expect from him going forward let’s be serious. The bigger concern is Kareem Hunt being outscored by Kerryon Johnson. The Lions run game is about as ass as it comes and him having more points is troubling. Hopefully they get it together in KC for Murph’s sake.

"When you try me with a mediocre team like Justin's, that's the result you're going to get. Don't ever try me" -- T on his matchup victory.

Matchup Five: B*tch I Might Be v Easy Breesy

The shootout of the week took place in this matchup. Richard beat JB 152.66-137.28. The quarterbacks were king as Tom Brady and Drew Brees both went for higher end point totals. while Barnes got more out of his RB’s than Richard did, Todd Gurley went nutty to end the Rams game to put Rico in Victory formation.

Tyreek Hill was the star of the matchup. His 38.80 points were the highest individual scoring output by a rostered player. Having those points from both Brees and Hill can be game-changing, but can they keep it up?

“Well it was neck and neck the whole day and it seemed like every time I got a lead, he would come back to make it close. I think our teams are top 5 in the league and I’ll see him again . [I’m] Still mad about how he took my Tyreek Hill pick, but Keenan Allen will do just fine. I know what my team can do and adjustments will be made for a better week.” -- Barnes on his mindset following this week.

Matchup Six: Steeler Virginity v Shadows In My Room

Another matchup short on scoring. In a matchup that was supposed to be a tight one on the other side of 100 points, it ended up being an 12 point victory for Juwan. The Chargers defense completely left him hanging with -3 points. Jimmy Garropolo struggled in a tough matchup for his first career loss. Losing Leonard Fournette really sucks and contributed to the sub-100 point total. If Devonta Freeman is out for injury, Tevin Coleman should produce more, but he was a nice flex play with 11 points this week.

Eric got what he needed from Antonio Brown, although Big Ben fell flat on his face. Crazy how that works when they are teammates. Gronk was a beast per usual and Larry Fitz continued to impress despite his age. I still can’t believe there was a worse defense than the Chargers, but New Orleans secondary was still in training camp on Sunday.


“F*ck the competition” -- Justin Barnes on this week’s matchup with T.

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