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ASFF Week 1 Preview

Week 1 Preview

Congratulations to all of the participants of the Sunday’s Draft. The seeds of prosperity were laid last night and only careful tending to them will determine if your outcome will be success or failure. We now can commence with the necessary trash talk and competition as the first game is in two days!


The season kicks off with all divisional games. Winning your division is an automatic playoff berth, so these all important games are a perfect way to kick off the season.

Reach Back Like 13 (0-0) vs Charmin (0-0)

Projected Score: 120-118 (Don Wins)

Key Information

“I made a vow to start calling Danny charmin on everything I posted. Probably won’t all season so he doesn’t have his feelings hurt, but I can’t wait to see his team this week.” --Don

Danny built a deep starting lineup on draft day. Cam Newton is a typical move for him, but otherwise having Michael Thomas and AJ Green should prove lucrative most weeks. Questioning the Royce Freeman pick, but has the potential to pan out in the long run.

Don started his draft off with one of the best to do it at the WR position in Odell Beckham. Getting Melvin Gordon with his second pick provides some top notch production opportunities based on their depth chart. Jared Goff maintaining his production from last year despite the increased expectations will be interesting to follow this season. Weaknesses of this roster primarily involve depth at WR and RB.

Daniel’s Team (0-0) vs Sly’s Team (0-0)

Projected Score: 119-106 (Daniel Wins)

Key Information

Daniel drafted a team that on paper should be competitive. There are a few concerns that instantly stick out. WR appears to be solid, but consistency might be hard to come by with Devante Adams, Nelson Agholor and Josh Gordon. On weeks where they are all clicking, they should be tough to beat. But can they click more often than not? Time shall tell. QB is another spot that seems really solid. Kirk Cousins has a lot to prove this season. Playing in Minnesota should provide him a ton of early leads and it’ll be interesting to see how that offense plays out for him in fantasy.

Sly’s team on the flip side is puzzling. He landed a higher grade from Yahoo, but I’m not big on his roster at all. Russell Wilson should be in for his most challenging season ever. Hopefully that parlays into a lot of throws because Sly will need it. Amari Cooper should have a nice bounceback season and I think that was a great pick, but the relying on Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay and late career Desean Jackson is troubling. Leveon Bell should be his usual brand of excellence, but Bilal Powell starts a trend for Big Sly: having backups as running backs. Ronald Jones and and Nick Chubb all are listed behind someone else on the depth charts in real life and until injury happens, the opportunity will be limited.

Cry Me A Rivers (0-0) vs Hey Darnold! (0-0)

Projected Score: 120-116 (Trevor Wins)

Key Information

Trevor played the draft well. He took the consistency of an elite QB in Aaron Rodgers and the elite floor of DeAndre Hopkins. Winding up with Mike Evans feels like it’ll turn into something unfair before season end. Especially since he has TY Hilton in the flex. Not sold on Alex Collins and Marshawn, but catching Trevor on the wrong week will turn into a massacre. Pay attention as he has Adrian Peterson stashed away on the bench for now. Will having Vernon Davis as his only TE work out?

Louie counters Trevor’s elite options at WR with a pair of projected workhorses at RB. David Johnson and Dalvin Cook are studs when healthy, but both went down with season-ending injuries. The duo will reclaim monster touches this season and in a half-PPR league, David Johnson should be ready to take back the #1 overall player status. The rest of Lou’s starters are solid and should be able to compete week in and week out. Philip Rivers is still a nice option at QB1 and Doug Baldwin (although not 100%) should see a high volume of targets. Kelce remains an elite option at TE.

Justin Murphy’s Team (0-0) vs Keke don’t love sh*t (0-0)

Projected Score: 116-109 (Justin Wins)

Key Information

Justin acquired talent that landed him the only A draft grade from Yahoo. We all know that the draft is a place to set in place the foundation of a successful season and it was impressive to see Murphy pull that out with the 12th overall pick. Landing Deshaun Watson, Julio Jones and Kareem Hunt gives him a trio of options that were excellent for most of the season last year. Adam Thielen was a very good WR and with the addition of Kirk Cousins, should see an uptick. Having Sony Michel would be great if he wasn’t on the Patriots. Picking which RB Belichick is going with from week to week is maddening and frustrating just thinking about it.

Zach has been touting his winning ways all off-season and as the newcomer to the group, he made his presence felt in the draft group chat. Will his team back up his trash talk? He drafted a very nice stable of RB. Saquon Barkeley, Jordan Howard, Lesean McCoy and Kenyan Drake allow him to be flexible with his options while also having insurance policies. Stefon Diggs is a good option at WR and I’ll have to see how many targets the Falcons give Calvin Ridley. Matty Ice needs to show up to fully unlock this team’s potential.

Justin having Julio Jones makes this an interesting matchup. If Jones goes nuts, Matt’s value can be diminished as would Calvin Ridley’s for this week.

B*tch I Might Be (0-0) vs Easy Breesy (0-0)

Projected Score: 121-119 (Justin Barnes Wins)

Key Information

Both these teams are built around aging QB’s and workhorse RB.

JB having Tom Brady should once again be a smart decision as long as Tom can avoid hitting the wall most guys hit in their early 40’s. Keenan Allen and Emmanuel Sanders should thrive in the half-PPR setting, but it will be interesting to see what happens in Denver with Case Keenum and that offense. JB started this draft off with taking Zeke who should absolutely eat this season behind that offensive line and without battling a suspension every week. Lamar Miller is projected to be a stud with the return of Watson under center.

Rico went with Drew Brees as his seasoned vet under center and if the only thing holding you back is the emergence of a stud RB in the Big Easy, I’d say that Drew has a chance to stay extremely productive. Todd Gurley should blossom into a full-fledged fantasy superstar (as in best in the league, QB matchup proofing type season). Pair that with Devonta Freeman and Rico has an elite base on offense. Where the question marks come in would be at WR. Will Tyreek Hill be the superstar Rico needs? Or will Demaryius return to his glory days? Either way, somebody needs to step it up to allow this team to go crazy.

Steeler Virginity (0-0) vs Shadows In My Room (0-0)

Projected Score: 120.64-120.57 (Juwan Wins)

Key Information

Eric drafted his typical solid team. Getting Larry Fitz was almost as guaranteed as the sun coming up today. But he started the draft off with taking Antonio Brown to anchor the offense. Adding a healthy Gronk to the mix means he potentially has two elite fantasy options every week to go to. Projected workhorse should be able to provide the running backs with consistency and upside to boot. Only downside is the health of Big Ben, but having Carson Wentz and Marcus Mariota should mitigate that in the long run.

Juwan has a lot of opportunity built into his team. No player best exemplifies that other than Jimmy Garropolo. Jimmy G has only started 5 games with San Francisco, but his audition went well. Time will tell if he can sustain his success. Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are locked into a boatload of touches in their respective offenses and project to be workhorses. They also have a smaller track record of success due to their youth, but as RB, it is better to be fresh. Jarvis Landry leads the experience category for the WR crew on Juwan’s team. Juju Smith-Schuster is another young buck, but he and Landry form a formidable starting tandem. Young and ready to seize the moment, hopefully the team follows in the footsteps of rising rap star, JuiceWRLD, and Juwan can avoid seeing shadows in his draft room.

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