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2018 NBA Finals Game 4

You know you have a problem when your third player is Kyle Korver and they have Klay

Game Four of the NBA Finals. The Cavs are facing elimination, so I decided to write from the perspective of my reaction as the game is occurring. Hopefully the Cavs can pull this off and force another game.


Warriors started off with a flurry by Steph Curry. He looks to be trying to reclaim the Finals MVP trophy back from Kevin Durant. The Warriors seriously made me think that this was going to be a long night. Also, how many fouls can possibly be called on Klay and Draymond before halftime in this series?

Warriors 34, Cavs 25


The Cavaliers showed more life than the first quarter. They looked like they gave a damn about their season being on the line. And just like that, the Warriors did Warrior things and Steph hit a shot that most people wouldn’t even dream of taking. That Kevin Durant call must be the worst one I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know why the NBA allows a guy to get these egregious foul calls. It’s one thing to pump fake a defender, but these soft flailing of the arms and getting free throws has to stop.

Warriors 61, Cavs 52


Steph really is on a mission. He’s got 20 points on 7-13 shooting. As a team they are shooting 52.3 percent from the field and 52.9 percent from deep. I’m really impressed with how the Warriors are taking care of the ball. They have three turnovers for the half. If that holds and they finish under 10, I have serious doubts if the Cavs can close the gap.

The Cavs are being led by LeBron and his 16 points on 6-10 shooting. As a team they are shooting just 38.3 percent from the field and 40 percent from deep. The thing that has kept this from becoming an ugly game is that they have a 16-6 free throw advantage. I have to believe this won’t continue into the second half, so the Cavs are going to have to actually play up to win this game.


LeBron was animated on the sideline after they took a time out down 15. The Warriors are starting to pull away and I’m sitting here just wondering how the Cavs can come back. The thing about the Warriors is that they constantly keep the pressure on. You almost have to be perfect just to keep it close. But since the deficit is double digits, you must be on top of your game.

The Cavaliers energy is completely gone. The body language is flat out atrocious. And the score is worse. I feel bad for LeBron at this point because I know people are going to try to attack him after this. Wow this is crazy because I still feel like Golden State showed more weaknesses this year than last, but the result couldn’t be any different. The Warriors are making this look way too easy.

Warriors 86, Cavs 65

Steph Curry is putting to rest all the talk about him not showing up in the Finals. I just can’t believe it had to come in such grand fashion against a walking legend. As LeBron checks in with 9 minutes left, I wonder if the next time he checks out, if it will be for the final time as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron checks out at 4:03 left in the game to a standing ovation. That’s it. The end of his brilliant postseason run. Now it’s simply clock management for the Warriors as they close in on their third title in four seasons. Looks like I can get an early start on my mock draft. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on the title though. Greatness on the team level is something to be appreciated.

FINAL: Warriors 108, Cavs 85

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