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Eastern Conference Finals Predictions

LeBron James and Jaylen Brown

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics are set to do battle in the Eastern Conference Finals. These two franchises’ destinies have been intertwined ever since Kyrie Irving was traded from the Cavs. All these months later, the only thing that I lament is the fact that Irving isn’t playing due to injury. Somehow, that makes this matchup even more tantalizing.

The Cavaliers have arrived at this point primarily due to LeBron James. His excellence propelled them to dispatch the Indiana Pacers despite minimal help from the rest of the roster. They followed up an improbable seven game series with an even more improbable sweep of the 59 win Toronto Raptors. At this point, LeBron might very well have collected all the Infinity Stones with the way he has been playing. The Cavs have needed every bit of his greatness in their first postseason without Kyrie.

The Celtics have been overcoming injury all season. Opening night saw the team lose Gordon Hayward to a gruesome leg injury, but this opened the door for rookie Jayson Tatum to flourish in an expanded role. When Kyrie Irving was ruled out for the season, the expectation was that they wouldn’t be able to make it as far without him. That’s not too crazy of a thought considering the individual excellence that he provides, but alas, the Celtics took care of business in round one against the Milwaukee Bucks in a series that I was thoroughly wrong in predicting Giannis being enough to win.

The Philadelphia 76ers presented another talented challenge in Ben Simmons (projected Rookie of the Year winner) and Joel Embiid. The Process had taken over the headlines, especially with the return of Philly native Meek Mill from an unjust prison sentence providing a wave of positivity. Boston took advantage of the numerous mistakes made by Philadelphia throughout the series and dispatched of them in five games.

How was it possible for a team that had lost so much to make it this far? That question is posed for both franchises. And ironically, both have made it to this matchup despite losing the superstar Kyrie Irving is.

So, who prevails? Can the Cavaliers continue to be carried by LeBron James? Will Brad Stevens continue to be the deciding factor in wins for Boston?

Cavs in 6.

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