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Merry Christmas Eve (Day 24)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


Welcome to Day 24 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog. I’m felling particularly happy today. I have the wonderful opportunity to wake up to snow and football. It’s a little bittersweet because for most of my sports viewing life, I have been able to wake up to snow, football AND family. I’m getting older now and come this time next year, I don’t know if I’ll be able to guarantee being at home.

But that’s not the point. I am at home and I am enjoying the experience sport is around the holidays. Today it’s football and tomorrow it’s basketball. Christmas has brought me an unbelievable amount of joy and memories with my family and friends.

I specifically think of one memory whenever I look back on my childhood. It was Christmas Day 2011 and the Bulls were playing the Lakers in one of the best games of my youth.

I know one day I’ll have stories that don’t related back to Derrick Rose or Kobe Bryant, but for now, bear with me. This was the year of the lockout so for us fans, Christmas brought us the gift of basketball again. Truly a great time.

Bringing it back to this year, the day before Christmas has brought some interesting football games that my dad and I have been watching. Todd Gurley has been an absolute monster this season and is making me look like a genius for picking him for Comeback Player of the Year. He damn near makes a case for MVP honors as well.

Mitch Trubisky delivered the Bears a Christmas W in a game that on paper was about as dull a matchup as could be. The Cleveland Browns aren’t exactly a terrifying opponent, but wins have been hard to come by this season in the Windy City. I couldn’t pull it off this year, but one day (sooner rather than later) I will go to a Christmas week Bears game with my dad. I just have to. Sorry I couldn’t this year, but to be fair we didn’t miss too much haha.

If you love sports (or even if you just like them or hell, even if you hate them) spend time with your family, friends or whoever has a special place in your heart. We have a limited amount of time to use so make the most of it. Put aside your differences, your disagreements and focus on the things that matter.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas Day. I’ll be back again tomorrow so stay tuned! #BeGreat.

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