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Falcon Focus BGSU Dance Edition (Day 20)

Welcome to Day 20 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog! We’re entering the home stretch here and I honestly pleased with the amount of love and support that has been shown. It really means a lot to me.

Today, I have something special for y’all. Life has afforded me the opportunity to meet some awesome people. This semester, I was able to meet someone who works extremely hard and is a shining example of how to #BeGreat.

Her name is Becca Erwin and in the time I’ve known her I’ve been absolutely blown away with the number of things that she is involved with. For example, she’s the reason I joined the local campus group We Are One Team (WA1T). This group is about Social Justice Through Sport and some great ideas get bounced around and actual tangible results occur from these sessions.

That’s just one example. Another one is her involvement with the Bowling Green State University Dance team. These ladies are incredible with the amount of work they put in over the course of a school year and honestly, I would do it a disservice telling the story, so today’s blog is the first of its kind. It’s a collaboration post! So, I’ll let Ms. Erwin give y’all a little more insight into the world of dance.

The 2017-18 BGSU Dance Team

The Bowling Green State University Dance Team (BGDT) is composed of 17 dancers from all different backgrounds, majors and grade levels. However, these girls all share one thing in common: Representing the University through their love of dance. 

Many do not know the behind-the-scenes work that goes on with BGDT. From late night practices, CrossFit training, academic study hours, to performing at all the home Football games, Men's and Women's Basketball games as well as community appearances; they do it all. 

Currently, the team is in competition season and preparing for the Universal Dance Association Nationals in Orlando, Florida. Going up against B1G, SEC, ACC and PAC 12 schools, BGDT holds the title of being number one in the MAC and continuously ranks in the top 20 dances teams in the nation each year. They hold their own competing in Division 1A against schools like OSU, LSU and Minnesota. Because of the BGSU Football teams' size, this factor determines BGDT's placement in the hardest, fiercest level at the competition.

One of the community events BGSU Dance participates in

The Dance Teams' schedule and weekly events revolve around BGSU Athletics and community activities. The Dance Team, on average, performs at/ is involved in 200+ games and appearances throughout the academic year, while maintaining excellent GPA's. 

Dance Team, Cheer and the mascots, Freddie and Frieda, make up the BGSU Spirit Program. All of these members have a strong bond with each other, performing alongside throughout the year. Even though the Spirit Program is not considered an athletic, their schedules do revolve around them. 

Dance Team is more than just a group of girls dancing for fun, but rather, a sisterhood of dance and falcon spirit, with a competitive edge, representing the University in all that they do.

The Dance Team during a BG football game

Be sure to give them a follow on social media:

Good luck at Nationals (January 11th-14th) in Orlando. Thank you for your contributions to the university and your commitment to #BeGreat!

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