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2's Company, 3's A Crowd, But Eight Is Just Right (Day 17)

Hello all,

Today is Day 17 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog! I asked around for a topic to discuss today and my roommate Justin came up with a great idea: Why is the College Football Playoff only four teams?

In this hypothetical scenario, the playoff is expanded to 8 teams. This situation would really be beneficial in being fair and equal to every conference. Tired of SEC bias? Try this out for size. Every Power 5 conference champion member receives an automatic bid into the tournament and then the top three ranked teams based on the committee vote gets in.

I know this is radical and wayyyyy too advanced thinking for the current college football playoff committee, but bear with me, why can’t this work? The main argument against the voting system is that it has a heavy bias towards the SEC teams and conferences like the B1G and the PAC 12 suffer due to this bias. Giving every Power 5 champ an automatic bid eliminates the situation that occurred with TCU and Baylor a few years ago and what happened to Ohio State this year. The three at-large bids would be for those that weren’t able to win but still deserved a spot.

I know it’s a shift in how business has been done, but this system will allow more teams to get in, which is the main goal anyway right? The more the merrier and CFB will benefit from having more “meaningful” bowl games. The revenue would be even greater with more viewers tuning into the games that matter.

I think this change is on its way regardless. Jay Crawford has mentioned this concept many times and the field is bound to expand due to the natural course of business. Only time will tell, but I look forward to the day this happens. I figure if high school and the pros can figure out how to manage more than 4 teams, why can’t the college ranks?


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