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Just Give James Harden MVP (Day 14)

It’s Day 14 everyone!

The Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog has hit its 14th day. Seems kind of surreal that it has been nearly two full weeks. Nonetheless, can we just give James Harden his MVP? I mean come on, he’s averaging 31.6 pts, 9.4 asts* and has the Rockets out to a Western Conference leading 22-4 record.

James Harden, MVP?

Alright that’s where the joking can end. Now I can be real with y’all. James Harden was and is my pick to win the NBA MVP award. But my friend Louie summed it up quite nicely. He said that he might feel bad for Harden if he doesn’t ever win the award while putting up the numbers he does. I couldn’t agree more. Last year, I completely understand (even if I loathe the final decision) giving the MVP to Russell Westbrook. He was an extremely overqualified candidate. But so was James Harden. Credit the voters for not tying, that would’ve been a real travesty.

Fast forward to this year. I sat down to watch ESPN for like 30 minutes the other day and I saw that Giannis was averaging 30 pts and 10 reb!! It’s actually 29.9 pts and 10.3 rebs with 4.5 dimes*, but that’s just being super tight with the rounding up like that one teacher that never helps you out during finals week haha.

Giannis flexing on em

Then there’s LeBron. He’s following up his career year with, wait for it, ANOTHER career year. He’s only averaging 28.2 pts, 9 asts and 8.2 rebounds*. If only everyone could have seen the amount of sarcasm I put into typing that.

Does LeBron know something we don't?

James harden still should win, in probably the closest race in NBA history (AGAIN). But I think this might be unprecedented territory. Both Giannis and LeBron are having great seasons as well and Bron has been deservedly balling out without an MVP for what’s going on half a decade now. Not to mention Kyrie’s claim as the Celtics still do possess the best record in the NBA. Oh, and Durant and Curry will probably garner votes still.

Imagine if Kawhi hadn’t missed 20+ games to start the season. Would that have been the tightest MVP race in sports history? It still might be even without the Spurs quiet superstar.

One thing I know is: MVP or not, James Harden has truly been having a special few seasons. Maybe he and the Rockets can make us forget all about the MVP race with another trophy that holds a little bit more weight to it.

*All stats from*

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