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Thank You Devin (Day 13)

Devin Hester

Welcome to Day 13 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog.

I’m here today to discuss the legacy of the great Devin Hester. He recently retired this week and a question has come up: Does he make the Hall of Fame? I think the answer is yes. Hester was a truly special talent. And one of the most unique situations in NFL history.

Devin was a second-round draft pick from the University of Miami. He instantly changed the game for not just the Chicago Bears, but for fans like me. I don’t hide it, football is not my favorite sport. It is something that I had to learn to like and one of the players who helped usher that in was Devin Hester. Being from Chicago, you couldn’t help but watch every time he was ready to touch the ball. It was so unreal his playmaking ability.

The highlight of his Bears career for me was when he took the opening kickoff to the house in the Super Bowl. In a game that the entire area was focused on, he seemingly had delivered one hell of an opening punch. The game didn’t go quite as planned for most people who picked the Bears to win (this happened to coincide with a streak of being right in my SB predictions). Nonetheless, this was his impact.

Every kickoff he received was a chance to score a touchdown or at least put his team near midfield to start each possession. Does this warrant HOF consideration? I’d say so. I don’t know what all goes into the voting process, but Hester is a historically great player. That specialness about him is what separates him from the other returners in NFL history. He truly was a game-changer and the Hall is reserved for players just like him.

Best of luck to you Devin in your pursuit of that accolade. But you’ve done a lot for the game and for football fans. Talent like yours just doesn’t come around often and you will be missed. But in that special kind of way. Greatness is always missed. You accomplished your goal to #BeGreat at your job. The best to ever do it.

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