• Don Collins

Anion Sports: SuperCrossed Over (Day 9)

Good Morning everyone!!!

A great one indeed. Today, Anion Sports has a unique plan in place. My good friend, Daniel Loub, will be taking over the Can’t Be Stopped episode scheduled to drop at 10 am EST. The purpose behind this, is to introduce the fanbase to the world of motocross and supercross. Another goal is to increase Anion’s following into the same space.

To commemorate, this week’s episode will depart from the hour format to facilitate the sheer number of guests. The two-hour special will be certain to entertain a wide-ranging audience. The world of sport has afforded me many opportunities to meet new people, but this was truly a special week for me. One of the best weeks ever in my life. I’m keeping this post a little shorter due to the amount of content coming in two hours.

Without further ado, welcome to Day 9 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog. Head back to the homepage at 10am and listen to CBS Ep 16: Moto Edition! #BeGreat.


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