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Don's Sports Christmas List (Day 8)


It is Day 8 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog. That means today is an incredibly important day. I have officially been blogging for a whole week (round of applause that must be deafening I know). Well since Christmas is a little over two weeks away, I think it’d be only right that I make a shortlist of what I would love under my sports tree.

  1. I need the Chicago Cubs to pull off a trade for Giancarlo Stanton. The general manager in me instantly questions the rationale of trading for an oft-injured outfielder that is still owed $295 million. The fan in me just says to hell with it all, make the move. So, meeting somewhere in the middle, I think it’d be feasible to pull off a trade that involves Jason Heyward and prospects for Stanton. And yes, I know I am being incredibly stingy on the surface. But by prospect, I am referring to Ian Happ and whoever else the minor league system can muster up. The lineup would instantly have that fearful thump back. Be serious, does anyone really want to see a middle of the order of KB, Rizzo, Giancarlo and then the Schwarbs??? I would love it; the fear in our opponents’ eyes once again. Theo, let’s make it happen.

  2. Lonzo Ball to win Rookie of the Month. I have made it no secret: I love the Ball family and everything about them. Well maybe not all of what LaVar has to say, but most of it. Since I’ve been sipping the Kool-Aid, I do not detest the very essence of Lonzo every time the dude blinks. I think it’d be kind of cool to see the guy close out the year on a high note. Hopefully, he can start picking it up like how he played against the Sixers yesterday (10 pts, 8 reb, 8 asts, 4 blks, 3 stls, 0 fouls and no turnovers in a Lakers win).

  3. The Anion Sports Instagram page gets to 100 followers. I have literally gone everyone preaching to anyone with an ear to follow the page on social media. Good lord, I just like milestones and I think this one is long overdue. So, if you are currently reading this sentence, I hope you have a great day, but please please please, follow the account @anionsports.

Now I know this list is short, but I must say, a lot has occurred within this past week that I am already grateful for. Some of the stuff was minor, some major, but it all could have been placed under the tree. So, I had to exclude some items. But if 2 out of 3 of the above events happen before Christmas, you best believe you all will be hearing about it. Swift, fast and in a hurry. Until tomorrow: #BeGreat!

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