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Prayers For Ryan Shazier (Day 5)

Good morning everyone.

Welcome to Day 5 of the Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog. Today’s topic is something that utterly shook me to the core.

Last night, I was at a meeting, but my Twitter feed roared to life with notifications. A tad confused, I opened the app and went straight to the trending topic. And then proceeded to watch a video that literally made my jaw drop.

I have never seen a play in football that has had that impact on me. Players have gone down before with serious injuries of the same category, but the last one that I can remember, I was too young to fully comprehend what was going on.

Ryan Shazier, I am sending as many thoughts and prayers for you as I can. I don’t personally know you, but seeing what happened to you brought tears to my eyes. You are a son, a brother and a father. And my heart truly is heavy.

Mr. Shazier, you are a fantastic football player, but this is bigger than the game. You are a human being first and I truly am wishing for the best outcome for you.

I have never been speechless as I was last night. Football has the incredible power to give, but it reared its ugly side last night. What happened to Mr. Shazier is a sobering reminder of the risks these men take every day. Once again, I am sending as much positivity to Ryan and his family during this difficult time.


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