• Don Collins

The Proper Introduction (Day 1)

Hi everyone!

Mr. Anion Sports Himself

I want to start by saying Happy Holidays. It’s December first and I can only hope that everyone’s end of the year festivities are filled with joy, happiness and safety. Wow, even in writing I start talking and get carried away and forget to introduce myself. My name is Don. I am probably the reason most of you are clicking on this website, which means you’ve probably heard me babbling on and on about “You know what it is!!” or “#BeGreat”. Well, hopefully over time you can learn more about me and all of the things that make me tick. One of those things happens to be sport. No, I’m not a huge football player or a tall, athletic basketball player. Or even your scrawny pitcher. I’m just Don. And that’s okay. Sport has given and will give me opportunities that I used to dream of when I was a kid. I live a truly blessed life and sometimes I have to see it in writing to really remember that fact.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to create this entity that is Anion Sports. For me, it’s not just a hobby to pass the time. This is my life. I was born to be in the world of sport and I will scratch and claw every step of the way until I reach the top. It’s bigger than me. I truly want to make my family proud. Both past, present and future. I have lofty goals and I plan on achieving every last one of them.

Now that the biography portion is over. Many of you probably are wondering what exactly am I going to be doing going forward. Without saying too much, (I always like to have something else planned in the wings) I can inform all you readers that you are 307 words deep on my newest venture: The Anion Sports 25 Days of Christmas blog! My goal is to provide a post a day all the way until the presents are opened on the merry day.

For those that are new, thanks for becoming a part of the journey to #BeGreat. For those that are returning, I appreciate everything. Every like on Instagram, every listen on YouTube, every comment, every podcast session you indulge in, etc. Speaking of that, shout out Louie for the pictures. He’s seriously the smoothest person I know with the lens. Go ahead and give my boy a follow on Instagram @emeraldpixs (and obviously follow the Anion page!).  Be ready for this week’s episode of Can’t Be Stopped Lou, we must bring some more heat to the fans lol.

I’m going to be honest. I am excited to begin this journey to Christmas. So, I invite everyone to join; to enjoy themselves. It means the world to me. And don’t be afraid to share the knowledge. Finally, my proper introduction to my fans. As always, #BeGreat. The only place to go is up!


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